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BIO : J.J.

Writer / Creator / Filmmaker-in-the-making

Get to know me and my story and see if I am the creator to help you get your project off the ground and soaring high above those dreamy clouds!

I, much like my ventures am a work-in-progress. I have many creative talents, ideas and expressions. I am always in the middle of one of my many many projects, for as I change and evolve, so do my visions and expressions. 

At 34, I am entering a new phase of my life, and am both excited and terrified of where my life is heading as I expand and develop myself, my skills and my awareness into this big, beautiful, truly magical world. I have become an avid believer and follower of The Law of Attraction, when you apply the laws and take inspired action and make the effort, and put yourself on the path towards your goals, the Universe & God will meet you where you stand, and will not only match your efforts, but often will exceed them! But, you have to do your part, too! The Biggest and Best way to make the LOA work for you, is to first BELIEVE in yourself and your dreams/goals, then BELIEVE that the Universe & God (together) will deliver what you desire. The old adage, "If I can, you can, too!" is 100% TRUE in this case. Ask anyone who has known me (mostly my bestie, Sherry, or my mom) and they will tell you how broken and lost I was not even a year ago. But, when I got serious about my life, and realized time was passing me by whether I wanted to admit it or not, and started taking action towards achieving my goals, my dreams and becoming the version of myself I'd always envisioned, everything changed. Everything got so much better and I kid you not, it has not stopped yet. I'm telling you, it's a game-changer. Don't believe me? Stick around here a while, watch what I turn my life into and I promise you, you will change your mind, and it won't take long, either.

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