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Charpentier: Te Deum - Prelude

Marc-Antoine Charpentier composed six Te Deum settings, although only four of them have survived.[1] Largely because of the great popularity of its prelude, the best known is the Te Deum in D major, H.146, written as a grand motet for soloists, choir, and instrumental accompaniment probably between 1688 and 1698, during Charpentier's stay at the Jesuit Church of Saint-Louis in Paris, where he held the position of musical director.[1]

Charpentier: Te Deum - Prelude

After the work's rediscovery in 1953 by French musicologist Carl de Nys, the instrumental prelude, Marche en rondeau, was chosen in 1954 as the theme music preceding the Eurovision network broadcasts of the European Broadcasting Union.[2] This version was arranged by Guy Lambert and directed by Louis Martini.[3]

BRONXVILLE - Reformed Church, Pondfield Road. At 9 and 11, movements from G. F. Handel's ''Sonata in B flatMajor''; Antonio Vivaldi's ''Sonata in AMajor,'' and J. S. Bach's ''Double Concerto in Dminor'' with Sandor and Joyce Balint, violinists and mandolinists;''Lift Up Your Heads Ye Gates'' by Andreas Hammerschmidt;''Greater Love Hath No Man'' by John Ireland;''Sonata in A major'' by Felix Mendelssohn, with choirand organ. At 8 P.M. Thursday, organ music from Johannes Brahms'schorale preludes; F. W. Wadely's ''Peace I Leave WithYou.'' At noon Friday, ''He Was Despised'' fromHandel's ''Messiah''; ''Surely He HathBorne Our Grief'' by Healy Willan; ''The Lamb ofGod'' by Mozart, with Karen Lichti, mezzo-soprano; and VaughnFritts, baritone. At 9 and 11 A.M. next Sunday, French Baroque music byMichel Richard Delalande, Jean-Marie Leclair, Jacques Aubert, Jean-FrancoisDandrieu, Jean Joseph Mouret, Jacques Champion de Chambonnieres andJean-Baptiste Lully, with organ, brass and timpani; ''Fanfare andAcclamation'' by Noel Goemanne; ''Awake theTrumpet's Lofty Sound'' from Handel's''Sampson''; ''Hallelujah'' fromHandel's ''Messiah''; ''Here onEarth'' from Brahms's ''German Requiem,''with Vaughn Fritts, baritone, and ''Toccata'' fromCharles-Marie Widor's Symphony No. 5. Johnette E. Schuller, organist.Rodney Schuller, music director. 041b061a72

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