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[S20E3] The Girl Who Gets Married Again

Annie Archer and her stepbrother Tony Lovelock don't have much in common. In fact, they're at each other's throats pretty much all the time. The only thing they can agree on is how much they hate doing chores. As they're in the kitchen together, Annie begins humming a tune that Tony identifies as the My Family Pies theme. The stepsiblings are each surprised that the other knows that site. This new comradery leads Tony to ask why Annie has been so rude to him, like pantsing him in front of her friends. Annie gets sassy about it, so Tony splashes her, which turns her white tank top sheer. Annie is shocked and pissed, but she handles it by just taking her shot off and telling Tony that he can deal with it. Tony tries to keep his eyes of his stepsister's tits, but then she starts in on the My Family Pies song again. It's too much for Tony, who pops a boner. When Tony accidentally pokes Annie with his erection, the stepsiblings get into it again before they each just go back to their rooms.

[S20E3] The Girl Who Gets Married Again

During a volleyball match, the girls sit out the National Anthem in protest of an Internet troll known as Skankhunt42. Kyle, along with the other boys, believe it's Cartman and break his stuff. At the end of "Member Berries", the troll is revealed to be Gerald. At the end of "Skank Hunt", the troll attacks again, making the boys realize that Cartman is not the troll. Gerald starts to troll a woman known as Freja Ollegard, which goes to plan until she commits suicide. Gerald gets scared, only for his fear to increase when he finds a note on his car saying "I know who you are." In response, he breaks all his technology. He then receives an email telling him to meet at Freemont Bridge. When he goes there, he finds out the message was from a troll known as Dildo Shwaggins. He tries to ignore him when he continually asks him to join his group. He even goes as far as saying to Sheila that he was watching "piss porn" instead of trolling, which ends up with Sheila peeing on him. Dildo Shwaggins (or "Dick") shows him a video from BBC News of the, which will track all the trolls down. Gerald decides to join Dildo in his troll group. Together, they troll the entire of Denmark, leading the country to quit social media. After they do this, Dildo tries to make friends with Gerald, but he declines rudely. When Gerald discovers the Danish plan to release the internet history of anyone, he tries to ask Dildo for help, but he declines due to Gerald's rudeness earlier. Hillary Clinton meets Gerald under Freemont Bridge to get him to infiltrate TrollTrace. Gerald travels to Denmark, in the disguise of the ambassador. He is put in a room along with the other trolls, who reveal to him that the government had done a deal with the Danish. The briefcases, that were supposed to detonate and bring down TrollTrace, instead play Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up. Lennart Bedrager tells Gerald he can call someone, but he has to reveal his true identity. He calls Ike and tells him to troll as Skankhunt42. Sheila spots Ike trolling and thinks he is responsible for the trolling. Kyle comes home and finds out what has happened. He then works out by what Heidi said before that Gerald is the troll and sets off to find his dad. Sheila brings them back and berates them for what they have done. Meanwhile, Lennart Bedrager reveals to Gerald his true plans. He tells him he plans to set the entire world against each other because it's funny. He then locks Gerald in the room, as both the trolls and the Trolltrace workers simultaneously get rick-rolled. Gerald escapes the conference room by entering the code (9). He then, by instruction of the trolls and the Trolltrace workers, tries to shut down Trolltrace, but Lennart stops him. They then have a debate about why they really troll and Gerald ends up kicking Lennart in the crotch and throwing him over a railing to his death. He then helps to deactivate Trolltrace. He returns home to a delighted Sheila and an angry Kyle and Ike.

The girls start to blame Skankhunt42's behavior on all boys and break up with their boyfriends. Charlotte breaks up with Butters, which leads to a change in him. Butters starts leading a movement to be proud of being a boy by pulling his wiener out. He looks down on Cartman for siding with a girl. PC Principal tries to stop the gender wars by getting Bill Clinton in, who tells the children about Bill Clinton's Gentleman's Club. He gets Stan to talk to Wendy about his feelings, which doesn't work out due to Butters coming and pulling his wiener out. Bill goes to Butters' house to talk to him about women being angry and how they must do something big to save their gender. Butters gets frightened and runs off to try and get to Mars along with Heidi and Eric. He tells Cartman what Bill told him, which Cartman then proceeds to tell the SpaceX workers.

Cartman, without technology, becomes lonely until he meets with Heidi, who quit social media after continually being trolled by Skankhunt42. Heidi shows Cartman her vagina at the end of "The Damned". They then start dating. When Kyle comes for Cartman's help to stop Butters, Cartman denies it as he is "out of it now". Heidi gets an idea to do a fundraiser for the people of Denmark, known as Danishes for Denmark. This doesn't work and Cartman comforts her. The two send a video to Denmark stating that they will help them. When the Danish reveal they plan to reveal everyone's internet history, Cartman worries Heidi will find out about his bigoted past. Butters tells Cartman from experience that girls will "leave poop on his heart". Cartman tries to get Heidi to say something funny, but she is too busy working out how to get to Mars. After SpacweX is destroyed, Heidi says to Cartman that their dreams should be put on hold. By the end of the season, Heidi and Cartman are still a couple.

When the girls sit out the national anthem, the government gets J.J. Abrams to reboot the anthem. Abrams version lets people stand or sit, ruining Mr. Garrison's plan to sit out the national anthem. Randy is introduced to memberberries, which help him relax until they start sparking racist comments. He then creates a memberberry addiction club and discovers memberberries are causing people to vote for Mr. Garrison. Randy and Garrison try to destroy the berries, but all their attempts failed. The berries escape and manage to put a berry in a drink, which the waiter serves to Caitlyn Jenner. Caitlyn infects Randy with the memberberries, who then infects Sharon and Shelly. The memberberries travel to the White House, where their leader tells them he plans to bring back the real Stormtroopers. 041b061a72

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