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Windows 7 OEM Loader Brander Free Download - SoundCloud

Getting started with this free software is pretty easy. Just download it using the above link. After that run it from the download directory directly. You will see three sections on its interface, namely OEM Info (XP), OEM Info, and Extra Options. Since we are focussing on OEM information, so navigate to the OEM Info section and you will see various fields there. Fill out all the fields with the any information that you like to have and then provide path of the desired logo. Do note that, the logo that you specify must have the BMP file format and 120 x 120 in dimensions. After specifying all the parameters, simply hit the Preview button to see changes before applying. If you are satisfied with it then save these changes permanently using the Save OEM Information button.

Windows 7 OEM Loader Brander free download

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