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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) - Season 5

Leonardo and his three brothers, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo, were normal pet turtles that were bought by the former ninja master Hamato Yoshi. After an altercation with several disguised Kraang, Hamato and the Turtles were exposed to a substance called Mutagen, which turned Hamato into a humanoid rat (due to him stepping on a black rat in the ally) and turned the Turtles into humanoid Turtles. After making a new home for themselves in the sewers, Hamato, who would later be called Splinter, raised the Turtles as his sons and trained them in the art of ninjitsu, giving them all distinctive bandannas and weapons, Leonardo's being twin katana blades. After fifteen years of living in the sewers, Splinter allowed his sons to go to the surface, where they used their talents to defend New York and the world from threats like the Kraang, the Foot Clan, and other mutants, with Leonardo serving as the leader of the group. However, after years of defending the city, the Turtles were helpless to stop a gigantic Mutagen bomb from being dropped on New York, a bomb that not only either mutated or killed all of humanity, but destroyed the entire planet as well, reducing almost all of it into a barren, uninhabitable wasteland. Before the bomb struck, Leonardo, in a desperate attempt to save his brothers, pushed them off of the building they were all standing on and took the bomb on at point blank. Because of this, Raphael suffered from massive memory loss, Donatello was forced to transport his brain into his robot Metalhead 2.0 in order to survive and Michelangelo was separated from his brothers, all of which believing that Leonardo had died in the blast.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) - Season 5

The low point of the season, "Muckman Messes Up," has the turtles taking on the cringe-inducing Muckman and Joe Eyeball, unsuspecting garbage men that have been mutated into two ridiculous looking bad guys that blame the turtles for their plight. Note to the creative team: Muckman isn't the only one who messed up. The dialogue is some of the worst ever on the series. 041b061a72

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