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Amatuer Gay Blog

As I said, I'm certainly not indifferent to morality, I just don't believe it exists in some platonic realm. I think it's built, brick by brick as a communal effort. I support gay rights because I support civil rights in general. I don't believe it's a "sin" so why shouldn't I believe they should have equal liberties and protections under the law? And I come to the belief blogs because I've study history, philosophy, religion, biology and anthropology for most of my life, and I enjoy seeing the and discussing the beliefs of others.

amatuer gay blog

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Lee Stroebel ? Hahahahahahahaha I've read them both. They're complete nonsense. Stroebel is a JOURNALIST, with NOT ONE CREDENTIAL in either History or Religion. No wonder you are so deluded. You STILL have not presented ONE argument. Stroebel is a hack amatuer who thinks interviewing believers is evidence for something. Complete garbage.There is no "reason" for a deity. Einstein, Heisenberg and Dirac have PROVEN what appears to be logical and reasonable is NOT the way the universe works. Your argument is circular. You base you notion of prayer on something that says to pray. That is no "reason". It REFUTES the omniscience of your deity.I see you have not a shred of education on the topic.What a waste of time posters here are. The atheists know more about their cults, and their "experts" than they do.You didn't watch the video, and you can't refute anything Carrier says.

I am a public-interest technologist, working at the intersection of security, technology, and people. I've been writing about security issues on my blog since 2004, and in my monthly newsletter since 1998. I'm a fellow and lecturer at Harvard's Kennedy School, a board member of EFF, and the Chief of Security Architecture at Inrupt, Inc. This personal website expresses the opinions of none of those organizations.

To solve your problems? Is that what this blog is for? I just read this because the folks are pretty smart and have rational takes on various issues. Well also Scott has some good ideas too, but Scott has become less important than the commenters as I get more involved.

His methods of communication are so disingenuous that, in the days when he still allowed comments on his blog, there was a popular theory that the whole blog was just an experiment (or perhaps an object lesson) in persuasion techniques. A significant portion of his own fans thought that he was essentially trying to prove that he could persuade people of anything, no matter how silly.

Anyone that is familiar with your comments on this blog knows you are an intelligent and well versed individual that is capable of a certain depth in your comments. So why would you post such an obvious fallacious response? 041b061a72

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